GO WITTGENSTEIN Philosophy in the Three-dimensional Space

Ideational Background

Architecture and its accompanying "philosophy" have alway seemed as practically inseparable players in the struggle for forms of appearance of architectural structures. Thus many a bizarre creation is legitimized by
such a "philosophy". Every now and then the philosophy apparently remaining in the background becomes predominant and makes pragmatic considerations fall behind by and large. Rudolf Steiner created the Goetheanum in Dornach as a manifestation as it were of his world's view. Ludwig Wittgenstein left
Vienna what was to become the House Wittgenstein lateron. Philosophers sometimes work as architects. The actual usefulness and the effective impact of such buildings will surely also occupy generations of
theoreticians to come.

Procedure and Objectives

A 3D-model of the House Wittgenstein to be co-produced served as the starting point for initializing work acting as the basic material for further operations. The virtual house thus was transported from its used
context into the anonymous "unspecific" space of the computer no longer being subjected to the prevailing conditions according to laws of natural science. It thus had totally become the three-dimensional formulation of philosophical ideation. Thus architecture turns in to "theory", walls do not provide thickness for support of upper layers; the structuring function of supporting elements is considered and not its supporting behavior. This represents an attempt of reinterpreting manifestations subjected to
distortions over the years.

Project :
Thomas Hayde

Project :
Dietmar Offenhuber